We had the most AMAZING conditions out there today! Our morning trip had glassy seas and we were thankful it did! We came across 2 very sneaky gray whales. They changed direction on us at least 3 times and changed their speed a couple times. We waved goodbye and moved out to the west. We just reached the drop off and found about 200 long beaked common dolphins. They loved riding the bow and were really excited to see us! We spent some time with them and pointed our nose back towards the bay and came across a really surface active humpback whale. This whale was HUGE! It didn’t go on dives and stayed up at the surface for almost the entirety of our visit, showing off its massive tubercles. Our afternoon trip had some great luck as well! We came across 2 really active gray whales, one of them kept barrel rolling just under the surface. They both sunk out about 50 yards off of our port side and swam about 20 feet in front of the bow! We turned out engines off to see if they’d come check us out but they ended up changing their minds and heading towards the coast. We left the whales to investigate some splashing we saw in the distance and came across a group of about 100 long beaks. This group was also really excited to see us, almost as excited as we were to see them! We turned towards the coast and came across about 4 pacific white sided dolphins about a mile from shore. We were welcomed back to the bay by a couple of inshore bottlenose dolphins and they came right up to us as well.

The next few days are looking gorgeous so come join us!


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