We were feeling whaley today! Our morning trip was a little soggy to start but dried up as we headed out to the water. We travelled north and found a single gray whale. It gave us the slip at first but we loved showing off its tail fluke. It had a pretty long dive time, about 12 minutes! We got to spend lots of time with it though as it moved south. Our afternoon trip found another single gray whale that also loved showing off its fluke. We headed further north and found a duo of gray whales that were very surface active! We were with them for about 3 cycles and they popped up pretty close to us! We have one more trip so stay tuned!
Sunset was high contrast in every way! We headed out to the pacific in search of any life! We found two whales! One was pretty showey, stayed at the surface and flukes often! Whale tails are a fan favorite out here( all the oooohs and aaaahs) the other whale was so shy we really saw most of its spout! Half of the sky was vibrant fluffy clouds and the other half a heavy storm rolling in. We ended the night with the end of a rainbow and a molten gold sunset in the other direction.

Brooke & Alison