Happy Friday everyone! We found some dolphriends and California sea lions this morning. We saw mostly scattered pods of ~150 long-beaked common dolphins. We also saw a small feeding frenzy of California brown pelicans, Elegant terns, California sea lions and LB common dolphins! This afternoon we found two northbound gray whales and in the same area there was what may have been a juvenile great white shark! Either way it was shark and it stayed on the surface for quite a while. We set out on our sunset trip and right off the bat we sighted a handful of Inshore bottlenose dolphins at the mouth of the jetties! We continued out and caught up with a playful pod of ~150 Long-beaked Common dolphins! They were slowly traveling to the NW but as soon as they noticed us, some bee-lined it straight to our boat! We loved to watch all the little calves sprinkled throughout the pod! As we left the area, they began surfing in our wake! The seas were so calm and the sunset was beautiful! It was hard to imagine a storm was around the corner!

We will be offline this weekend due to the rough seas, so we will see you on Monday, April 1st! Jokes aside!

Melissa, Ryan, and Vanessa

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