SEA MONSTER ALERT! Our Sunset trip got a wild surprise! Valella Vallella (aka By the Wind Sailors) have been INVADING our waters! With the tiny tentacled sailors, come their predators! A monstrously large Mola Mola ( aka Ocean Sun Fish) appeared to start vacuuming the valella off of the surface! We all watched and cheered as the googley eyed fish lunged towards its prey over and over again! We only really get to see this in the months of April and May but we never know when this behavior will start or stop happening – it all depends on how long the vallella stay around, they can all blow away with the wind in an instant. A feeding frenzy was also on the menu tonight, a sky full of Terns and a sea full of dolphins!
To top it all off- we had a gorgeous toasty sunset and a bit of a green flash ( or, fizzle as i like to call it)

Naturalist, Alison