Pacific White-Sided Dolphins Sighting

We had a pretty swell day with lots of feeding frenzies! Only a mile from shore, we spotted a small pod of ~15 Pacific white-sided dolphins feeding under some diving birds. They were very inquisitive with the boat too! We had glassy waters which made for some amazing underwater viewing! We haven’t seen Pacific white-sided dolphins in about a month, so it was pleasant surprise! We continued to the west and once we got to the drop-off we found more birds and this time Long-beaked Common dolphins! They were spread out all around us but aggregated under the diving birds while fed on small schooling fish! As we passed by we could see the glittery scales floating on the waters surface! We could see the snow-capped mountains to the north and down into Mexico so visibility was great!

We are done for the day, so sea ya on the next one! Book and Join with us in next sail!