The pacific coast has been on fire for weeks now and it’s still so good out there! We Headed out on 3 trips today and had blue whales on EVERY SINGLE ONE! They have moved a bit further from port so the trip is full of this building anticipation as we scan and scan the horizons looking for spouts! Our last trip of the day had us all on the edge of our seats as the heavy fog rolled in and EVERYTHING went grey. Alas! We were able to spot a whale 11.5 miles from shore! It strayed down for a dive for 18 minutes before coming back up. We got a very close pass from this whale, we could even see its little hitch hiking remoras clinging on for dear life as the whale went for its deep dive. As we turned out bow to the shore line for a long journey back to the docks, we got a surprise visit from a goofy bottlenose pod! This pod was full of calfs and some juveniles popping out of the water and showing off!
Hoping for some warm sunny days out here with June just around the corner!

Alison & Ruth