The blues are STILL putting on a show out there! The Largest animal on the planet – thought to be nearly extinct in the 1980s, has rebounded and likes to summer here in San Diego, just off of our coastline! How lucky are we? The population of blue whales that migrates past our coastline every year is thought to be the largest and healthiest population in the world at an estimated 2,000 – 3,000 animals. That still puts them securely in the “endangered” classification. We are so lucky to see them daily in summer that it’s easy to forget how RARE these animals are. It’s thought that only 1% of humans ON THE PLANET will EVER see a blue whale in their life time.
We got to spend time observing 4 different individuals while out to sea today! It’s always luck of the draw if we’re going to find them, or if we see their flukes but luck has been on our side ALL SEASON and it seems to be continuing day by day!

Can’t wait to see you out here!
Naturalist, Alison