We had BLUE-tiful day with a Blue whale sighted on both trips!

This morning, we left the Mission Bay jetties and a pod of ~150 Long-beaked Common dolphins were feeding under diving birds! They zipped around at the surface feeding on small-schooling fish! We even spotted the tiniest calf that had to of been born this week! It was a cute lil’ nugget that swam right next to mom. We left them and continued to the NW and found a single Blue whale circling the area likely feeding! The last couple of breath cycles were a little far away, but we saw its tail lifted when it went down for its deep dive.

On our afternoon trip, we set out to the west and found the same Blue whale hanging out on the drop-off! We got super lucky as it circled the area, but on a couple passes, it popped up super close! It was so cool to hear its big exhalation before we even knew where it was! We got great looks at the mottled coloration. The sun came out so we could see the vibrant BLUE GLOW!

Stay tuned for the next trips’ updates!