It was DOLPHINitely a fun day out on the water! We started out the morning with a friendly and playful interaction from an offshore pod of Short-beaked Common dolphin- roughly 200-300 in size! We cruised to deeper water and quickly were greeted by the large and beautiful Bottlenose dolphins! At first glance we suspected 10-15 individuals, but as we enjoyed this encounter we were pleasantly surprised to round that number closer to 50! Offshore Bottlenose are always a treat, with their curious demeanor and friendly personalities.
On our afternoon trip, it took a little more patience and persistence to find marine mammals, but in the end we were lucky to have a giant pod of more Short-beaked Common dolphins! One individual displayed multiple chin slaps which guests from all sides of the boat could hear! Even a quick drive by a Mola-Mola! Always a good day on the water with the dolphins!
Hope to see you on the next trip with SDWW!

Naturalists Brooke, Cody and Vanessa