The pacific is ON FIRE! And it’s not because of the fireworks yesterday! We had a WHOLE DAY of Blue whales that just wouldn’t quit! We’re loving that these blue whales are sticking around! On every single trip today we had multiple blue whales, probably a total of 8 throughout our day, but with so many roaming up and down the drop off it’s difficult to keep track. On two separate occasions we had a blue whale turn to head straight towards us! There’s no other feeling in the world like the feeling of the air around you shuttering with the echoes of a blue whale passing close by your boat while exhaling! The whole boat gets tense with anticipation and cheers erupt everywhere all at once! It’s an absolutely magical experience and we got that on multiple trips today! We found some offshore bottlenose on our second trip of the day, they appeared to be going on deep dives to forage for squid! We could see pieces of squid in their mouths at the surface! The cherry on top of the perfect day out there was a joyful pod of short beaked common dolphins slicing through the liquid golden surface of the ocean just as the sun was setting. A surreal experience, an active pod of dolphins exudes this undeniable WAVE of joy that washes over everyone on board and all you can hear are the shrieks and giggles of joy as these dolphins leap from the water OVER AND OVER again, so much that their white bellies blush red from all the action.

Naturalist, Alison

“Variety is the spice of life! On our afternoon overflow trip, we encountered so many different species of Cetacea and one species of shark!
We encountered three blue whales, 30 long-beaked common dolphins and ~300 short-beaked common dolphins! We also saw a Mako shark in 250ft of water! Also one Mola-mola!”

Naturalist, Melissa