It’s Tubular Tuesday! We’re coming at cha with Blue whales and Common dolphins!

On the morning tour, we caught up with awesome pods of Short-beaked and Long-beaked Common dolphins! The water was so clear that we could see every movement the dolphins were making! We could see the little calves traveling next to their moms! We also got to hang out with TWO Blue whales that were circling the drop-off!

On the afternoon trip, we set out to the SW and we spotted a small pod of ~40 Long-beaked Common dolphins traveling in a tight pod to the north! They popped up all around us giving us some awesome looks! We continued out to the west and caught up with the same two Blues! We continued to the north and found another pod of ~50 Long-beaked Common dolphins. Lots of little ones in the mix!

We had an absolutely tranquil evening on the pacific, the calmest waters lead us to the south east where we had an elegant blue whale on the drop off! More blue whales on the horizon though we decided to stay with the singular blue whale who was really showing off with the most perfect dives, lifting its tail for showing its fluke every time while disappearing into the depths. Just stunning. We finished the trip with an energetic feeding frenzy of birds and a really majestic sunset. We still have spots on trips on this festive holiday week, we’d love to have you come celebrate Americas Birthday with us and there couldn’t be a better time with the ocean as calm, welcoming and whaley as its been this week!

-Naturalists, Cody, Vanessa, and Ruth