Ultimate Whale Watching Adventure

Better Photo Opportunities and A More Intimate Experience.

Ultimate Whale Watching Adventure

We’re seeing Dolphins by the thousands and the Humpback Whales are returning!

Small Boat Whale Watching Tour (no more than 6 people)!

Exciting news – our latest addition to the fleet is here, offering an unparalleled and intimate adventure to witness whales and dolphins! With no more than 6 guests aboard, you’re in for a once-in-a-lifetime experience:

This unique experience gives you:

  • 2.5 – 3 hours scouting for whales and dolphin pods
  • Escape the crowds for a more personal encounter.
  • Venture further and get up close like never before.
  • Capture stunning photos from a smaller vessel that lets you get closer to the action, right at the water’s edge.
  • Plus, our whale watching guarantee (see below)


Please be advised these trips have a 4 person minimum to run. If at least four people are not booked on your trip you can either purchase additional tickets to meet the minimum, reschedule to a different trip, or be refunded.

Buy tickets online or call to set up your own private tour!

$110 $105
Military, Senior Citizens & Kids (10-17)




Military, Senior Citizens & Kids (0-17)

We strongly recommend, and encourage, wearing non-slip/secure footwear for the cruises.

Note:  Regarding Children Under 10
We love sharing unique experiences with adults and children alike. However, children under 10 years of age will not be able to join us on this private whale watching adventure. If you have little ones please consider joining us for a daytime or sunset trip on the larger vessel where children under 10 can safely enjoy the tour.

*Trip times are subject to change. Please check your ticket for your departure time.

Terms & Conditions
Please check our schedule for accurate trip times. Approximate length of cruise: 2-3 hours depending on trip type. Check in 45 minutes prior to departure. Boarding begins 15 minutes prior to departure. We recommend treating an offshore outing no differently than a plane flight.
Please note:
All cruises must meet a minimum passenger requirement to operate. You will be notified if your trip cannot run and we will re-schedule you for another excursion at your convenience.

Our Whale Guarantee

We would love to be able to show you whales on every trip but sometimes these gentle giants just don’t want to be seen. So our promise to you is this: if you don’t see a whale or dolphin on your tour, your next trip is free! 

December through April

Join us as we observe part of the longest migration of any mammal on earth! Reaching up to 45 ft. in length and weighing up to 40 tons, Gray Whales depart from their summer feeding grounds in Alaska and migrate south along the west coast to the isolated lagoons of Baja California, Mexico to mate and give birth. We are lucky enough to see both the south and northbound migraters up until the end of April. Although we are just one passing point along their route, Gray Whales travel up to 12,000 miles, roundtrip, on an annual basis! Because they hug the coast during their migration, we can spot these gentle giants within only a few miles from the coast!

217A7774 | San Diego Whale Watch 1
217A5622 2 scaled 1 scaled | San Diego Whale Watch 2

May through November

San Diego is equipped with a cold-water up-welling system that brings especially nutrient-rich water up to the surface, drawing in hungry Blue Whales and Fin Whales. Although the production of food could attract them to our coast at any time, recent years have shown a spike in Blue whale and Fin whale encounters throughout the summer and fall. Blue Whales are the largest animals to have ever existed on the planet and we are lucky enough to see the healthiest population around the world. Only 1% of the human population will ever be able to say that they’ve seen a Blue Whale. That means that we can drastically increase your chances of becoming part of that small percent! Runner-up in size and well-known for being the fastest of the baleen whales is the mighty Fin Whale! They can also be spotted at any time, feeding along our deep-water banks.

Throughout the year

Fin Whales, Humpback Whales and Minke Whale can be spotted off the coast of San Diego at any time. Although this makes them a little less predictable, it also means that we have a chance of seeing them on every trip! Various types of toothed whales (includes all dolphin species) also visit our coast throughout the year. Common Dolphins (both Short-Beaked and Long-Beaked), Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins and Risso’s Dolphins can be seen year-round. Pacific White-Sided Dolphins are a seasonal visitor that we get to observe during the winter, typically between the months of December-April. In addition to cetaceans, California Sea Lions, Sharks, Bony Fishes and a wide variety of sea birds will also be pointed out for your enjoyment!

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Why San Diego Whale Watch?

When you book a trip with us, prepare for the best whale watching in San Diego! We see hundreds of whales and dolphins every month whale watching in San Diego.  Join us!