February 16, 2020

Feb 16, 2020 sightings 12:00 PM Trip 3 Gray Whales, 6 Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, 5 Common Dolphins 4:00 PM Trip6 Gray Whales

February 11 2020

We're back in Gray Whale soup this week! February 11 2020 sightings: 9:00 AM Trip 3 southbound Gray Whales, 10 Inshore Bottlenose Dolphins, 12 Pacific White-Sided Dolphins 12:00 PM Trip9 Southbound Gray Whales, 12 Pacific White-Sided Dolphins

February 8, 2020

Saturday, February 8, 2020 AM Trip:Gray whales- 5Bottlenose-3Pacific white sided dolphins-2 PM tripBottlenose-1Gray whale- 2Common dolphins-500 Sunset tripGray whales- 2Pacific sided dolphins-15

February 6, 2020

AM Trip: Gray whales- 6 ( Cow calf pair)Common dolphins-150

January 29, 2020

AM TRIP: Gray Whales- 6Pacific white sided dolphins-10

January 28, 2020

AM Sightings Gray whales- 6 Pacific white sided- 20PM Sightings Gray Whales-7 ( 2 Calf cow pairs) Pacific white sided dolphins-20

January 24, 2020

Friday, January 24, 2020Sightings:AM TRIP:6 Gray Whales 10 Pacific white sided dolphins

January 23, 2020

January 23, 2020 sightings:AM 6 Inshore Bottlenose Dolphins4 Gray Whales (with countless others in the distance!)25 Pacific White-Sided Dolphins20 Common DolphinsPM4 Inshore Bottlenose Dolphins5 Gray Whales (including one newborn calf!)15 Pacific White-Sided Dolphins

June 2013

June 1 Saturday, June 1: June gloom didn't keep us from having a spectacular day. The morning trip went on a long ride with only a few bottlenose dolphins, but our motto is that it's never over until we're at the dock. It proved worthwhile to keep searching because we...

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May 2013

May 2 Lots of common dolphins and a few inshore bottlenose the past couple of days. Must be a little gap in the gray whale migration because we know more should still be on their way through here. beautiful sunny skies makes for an excellent time to be on the water!...

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April 2013

April 4 Fantastic day today! Morning trip saw one very user-friendly northbound gray whale that rolled around with common dolphins. Afternoon trip also saw dolphins feeding on anchovy. Headed further offshore and were rewarded with two amazing humpbacks! They were...

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March 2013

March 1 Morning trip had several playful pods of common dolphins. We found a southbound gray whale, but it managed to elude us. The afternoon trip also saw many common dolphins and one large, beautiful fin whale!! Great time to be out on the calm Pacific. March 2 Both...

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February 2013

February 2nd 4 gray whales, 50 common dolphins, 40 Pacific white-sided dolphins, and 2 inshore bottlenose dolphins. February 3 What superbowl? No point in watching tv when there are whales to be seen! Today's totals were 9 gray whales, 120 common dolphins, 30 Pacific...

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Privateer Returns – 9/8/12

The Privateer is officially back in business!! Today we had our first trips since April aboard the big blue boat and beautiful weather to take us out to sea. No baleen whales, but the dolphins delighted us as always. The morning trip saw about 1200 common dolphins and...

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Breaching Fin Whale – 7-30-12

Yes, you read that right - a FIN whale BREACHED! It did it 3 times from about a mile away, so we didn't get any photos, but it was without a doubt a fin whale! We found it because we saw a humpback whale also breaching and when looking through binoculars we saw the...

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Killer Whale Returns – 7/24/12

More epic whale encounters on the Eclipse through Pacific Nature Tours the past couple of days! We have seen over 80 blues, 3 fins, 1 humpback (viewed both days), and "Mel" the killer whale again today!! Plus all 3 other species of dolphins! A lot of these sightings...

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Killer Whale – 6/23/12

MOST INCREDIBLE MOMENT FOR SAN DIEGO WHALE WATCH!!!! Today's afternoon trip was treated to an extremely rare sighting of a KILLER WHALE! this was a first for many (including naturalist Melissa....and she cried). It was a lone male, but was ironically hanging out with...

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Blue Whales are Back – 6/16/12

The blue whales of summer have returned! Well, maybe we should knock on wood to make sure we don't jinx ourselves! But today we saw 2 gorgeous blue whales...one for each trip. The morning trip got some incredibly close views of a whale headed Southwest. The afternoon...

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