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False Killer Whale

Pseudorca crassidens


16-20 feet (4.8-6 m)


Up to 3,000 lbs (1,360kg)


Found worldwide in all tropical and subtropical oceans, generally in deep offshore waters.




Large, slender-bodied cetaceans that are mostly black in coloration with lighter-grey patches found on their undersides. False Killer Whales have small, conical-shaped heads with no obvious beak. Although they have a different appearance than Orcas, False Killer Whales get their name from their skulls, which closely resemble that of a female Killer Whale.

False Killer Whales are gregarious animals that form strong, long-term social bonds with one another. Pods of False Killer Whales can range from a few individuals to groups spanning over tens of kilometers. They often split into sub-groups in order to effectively search for their prey, which includes squid and species of small fish. These cetaceans are capable of 18 minute dives and swim at high speeds to capture prey at depths of 300 to 500 m.