Happy Saturday from San Diego Whale Watch and the new additions to the Eastern Pacific Gray Whale population! An overflow trip on The Ohana was well worth it this morning, as we encountered a triple C – commons, cows and calves! We rolled over massive swells and into a handful of feeding Common Dolphins right off the bat and on our lookout for some baleen we found TWO cow-calf pairs of northbound Gray Whales!! The enormous mother from the second pair BREACHED THREE TIMES only a mile from Mission Beach! What an amazing day on the water!

We were rockin’ and rollin’ on the Privateer today! The Pacific Ocean was fun and active, both with our sea conditions and our wildlife! During the morning cruise, we encountered scattered pods of Common dolphin throughout our trip. In total, we observed ~300 individuals. We also were pretty lucky to find us a cow/calf pair of Northbound Gray whales!

During the afternoon cruise we searched far a wide and encountered ~150 Common dolphin out about nine miles from shore! They were a pretty energetic pod that exhibited many porpoising leaps, breaches and tail slaps. We found many Common dolphin calves and yearlings in the mix!

We are rounding up our Gray whale season off the San Diego coast so we hope you’ll join us as we try to find our last Northbound migrating Gray whales.

SEA you on the water!