The Pacific Ocean itself isn’t the only big, blue, beautiful sight to see off the coast of San Diego…anyone know what I’m hinting at?! Our morning trip was diverse, as we encountered marine mammals, bony fishes and invertebrates! On our journey out to deep water, we began to see a dense coverage of Vellela Vellela (By-The-Wind Sailors) on the surface! Among these free-floating hydrozoan colonies were multiple Mola Molas (Ocean Sunfish)! This comes to no surprise, as Vellela Vellela serve as a food source for the worlds largest bony fish!

We found a small pod of Common Dolphins that we spend a brief few minutes with until a gigantic spout caught the eye of our captain! It was big…it was blue…it had an itty bitty dorsal fin…it was A BLUE WHALE!!! Our 3rd confirmed* sighting of 2017. This animal exhibited some feeding behavior, as it traveled in tightly formed circles and zig-zagged through a consistent series of 8 breathes. Although we spent a great deal of time attempting to catch up with the Blue Whale, our final look was SPECTACULAR! He/she paralleled the Privateer in such a close range that we could hear each spout and see the florescent blue glow from the whale, sub-surface. I wish we had a second trip scheduled for today! We’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to see what else is out there. Hope to see you all there!