We might as well call ourselves San Diego BLUE Whale Watch from now on because the largest animals on the planet are still filling our trips with excitement! We spotted 3 Blue Whales in total today; although, it is left unconfirmed whether or not one of the
3 had been spotted on both trips (we did not get a close look at one individual). We had a fantastic sighting of a single Blue Whale this morning, and cruised through multiple pods of Common Dolphins throughout the entire trip! There were plenty of porpoising juveniles for our passengers to enjoy watching.

On our afternoon trip, we made our way out west into what seemed to be some fairly quiet water. Out of nowhere, we found ourselves surrounded by marine mammals! TWO Blue Whales surfaced within a mile of each other and Common Dolphins charged toward the boat to keep up with us! We got some truly great looks at one of the Blue Whales. This individual spent a prolonged period of time at the surface at first, taking 8-10 breaths before diving down! We are so lucky to be spotting these animals on a regular basis at this point. NOW is the time to book a trip to see the Blue Whales! Summer is coming and whale watching is about to sell out quickly. Don’t wait until it is too late! See you out there, whale watchers.