It was a FINtastic kind of Thursday aboard the Privateer! During the morning cruise, we found an awesome scattered pod of Common dolphins! They were pretty energetic causing commotion on the ocean! All together was an approximate total of 300 individuals. We even sighted a FIN whale! We got a great look at the blowholes as it came up to surface for a breath. We also a a nice big arch signifying it was going for a sounding dive. There was even a HUGE spout seen on the horizon!

During the afternoon cruise, we had a couple of spouts in the area while out in deeper water! We had a quick look at the back of a mystery whale that only surfaced once. We couldn’t track this whale down so we continued on and found more life not too far away. We encountered another super fun pod of Common dolphins that came straight over to the boat and surfed along the wake and bow-rode the Privateer. Several cow/calf pairs were seen near the boat as well.

Overall, the day was beautiful! We hope you come join us for a great day on the water and to find some whales too!