It may be Tuesday but it sure felt like Minke Monday! On our morning trip today, we noticed a disturbance in the water ahead of us. We then watched the formation of footprints until a MINKE WHALE broke the surface right next to the boat! We were able to get a few good looks at this Minke until it gave us the slip. Further offshore, two different species of toothed whales were encountered. A handful of Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins traveled in what seemed to be a small nursery pod of roughly 6 cow-calf pairs. The calves ranged from newborns to yearlings. We also found a few fun pods of Common Dolphins, amounting to roughly 500 individuals in total. We definitely had some great variety this morning! We were lucky in the afternoon because a Minke Whale (possibly the same one that was spotted in the morning) took us by total surprise by surfacing right next to us. We were hoping to relocate the same Minke on our second trip but we did not expect it to make such an amazing appearance! We were only able to get a few good looks at this whale before running out of time. What type of whale will we find on Wednesday? You’ll have to be on the boat tomorrow to find out! Cheers! -Dani