Summertime brings variety here off the coast of San Diego! We had a wonderful time on both trips today! During the morning trip, as we exited the jetty’s, we saw a trio of inshore bottlenose dolphins heading North along the coast! We continued out West and encountered a pair of Minke whales that were feeding in shallow waters! We got some great looks as one came up really close to the Privateer! While watching the Minke whales, we had several pods of Common dolphins come join the party! We followed the long line of Common dolphins that totaled to be a Megapod! Everywhere you look, there were Common’s to be found! We even found an amazing feeding frenzy where there were numerous California sea lions, Common dolphins, terns, shearwaters, and gulls diving into the water! They were headed for the huge bait ball that was half the size of the Privateer! The afternoon cruise was just as exciting, we found more Common dolphins all around us in about the same area we found them in the morning. This was likely the same Megapod seen during the morning cruise! We observed several energetic behaviors, including bow-riding, surfing our wake and amazing stampeding action! As we were entering the Mission Bay channel, we sighted a small pod of Inshore Bottlenose dolphin! We got some great looks as we watched them continue North along the coast! Some even bow-rode the boat! Super fantastic day on the water! Hope to see you soon! -Vanessa