It was wonderful day on the water today! During both trips we encountered wildlife, close to the shore and out in deeper water. During the morning trip, we encountered an amazing Megapod of Common dolphin! Everywhere you looked we could see them exhibiting surface-active behaviors. While watching an energetic pod of Common’s, we were pleasantly surprised to find a Minke whale! This individual was traveling toward the NW out to deeper water. We have been seeing Minke whales for the last few days in shallow water. As soon as we finished picking up a Mylar balloon out of the water, a breaching Blue shark surprised us! It was a nice surprise to round up the trip. During the afternoon cruise, we found a small pod of ~25 Common dolphin as soon as we left the jetty’s as they were traveling North. There were a couple cow/calf pairs in the mix and acrobatics were seen! We traveled almost 10-miles from shore, searching far and wide to finally find another pod of Common dolphins! This time the pod was larger, with ~100 individuals in the pod. They were pretty fun to watch as they surfed right along the Privateer, and rode the bow. Every trip is different, so we hope you’ll join us in finding more wildlife out on the Pacific ocean! -Vanessa