It was megapod Monday today! We experienced an entire day full of Common Dolphins! Our morning trip was spent with roughly 120 dolphins that sped up to the boat and surfed with us. On our way back into Mission Bay, we were greeted at the mouth of the jetties by ~6 Inshore Bottlenose Dolphins heading out to sea! We had non-stop dolphin action in the afternoon because we were in the middle of a MEGAPOD! Over one thousand Common Dolphins swam with us and leaped into the air. Many calves were spotted swimming alongside their mothers. Within this pod, a HAMMERHEAD SHARK (smooth) made a surprise appearance! We were able to get some great looks at it in the swell before a group of dolphins scared it off. Our passengers on the bow were lucky..they witnessed the Hammerhead Shark BOW-RIDING in front of the boat!! Always expect the unexpected! We’ll see you all tomorrow.