Beautiful calm seas allowed for great trips today! During the morning trip, as we exited the jetties, we encountered a few Inshore bottlenose dolphins as they traveled into the channel. As we continued on our trip we ventured out West into deeper water to see what we could find at the drop off. We came across a splendid pod of ~40 Common dolphins that were incredible to watch. Several individuals bow-rode the Privateer and also surfed in our wake! We got some great looks at a few cow/calf pairs that even porpoised right next to the boat! We had another sighting of a single Sabine’s gull along the way, making for our FIFTH sighting of 2017! During the afternoon, we found more Common dolphins! We ventured out toward the NW and encountered almost seven pods of Commons ranging from ~100 to ~300 individuals per pod! The last pod we found was almost 13-miles from shore and there were ~500 or more. We witnessed many different behaviors among the pods to include bow-riding, wake-surfing, breaching, and porpoising. There were several cow/calf pairs that were seen that were fun to watch! It was quiet in the Baleen whale department today but tomorrow is another day! We will point our nose West and give it another shot! Everyday is different and tomorrow may be your lucky day! See you on the water! -Vanessa