Wow! It was a Freaky Foggy Friday aboard the Privateer today! We experienced some very dense fog on our way out to the Pacific. At one point, we had ~30-ft of visibility all around us! While on our search for marine life, we encountered a rare sighting of a Sabine’s gull sitting on the surface of the ocean! These gull’s are normally found more than 30-miles from land! After traveling almost 4-miles offshore, it started to clear up and as unpredictable as fog can be, we had more than 2-miles of visibility in no time. Great visibility=Great sightings! We had a nice encounter with a curious California sea lion, a couple breaching Mola Mola’s (Ocean sunfish) and sighted several seabirds all around! Once we got out to the drop-off, almost ~6-miles from shore, we found an awesome pod of ~150 COMMON dolphins! Many cow/calf pairs were observed, including some riding the bow of the boat! We watched as these toothed whales, traveled toward the NW, exhibiting amazing acrobatics! We even came across a bait ball of small schooling fish that the Common’s zoomed over to take a bite! Some of these dolphins were chatty, as we heard their buzzes and whistles right next to the boat! Throughout the entire trip, we found so many Mylar balloons and marine debris! We picked up 8 Mylar balloons and one abandoned buoy! The SDWW crew is always happy to clean up the ocean but we do ask that you dispose of these balloons properly and to not let them go, because they always end up in the ocean and we simply can’t pick up every single one… No large baleen whales were seen today, but we will be ready, bright an early to try our luck again tomorrow! Sea you on the water! -Vanessa