Happy December! Who loves Humpback Whales and playful pods of Common Dolphins? We sure do! What a special day we enjoyed on The Privateer. First, we encountered two groups of Common Dolphins that eventually fused together to form a larger pod of roughly 400 individuals.Their enthusiasm and entertaining interest in our boat was non-stop! We were lucky enough to see countless calves and many grand leaps into the air. Swarms of dolphins charged toward the boat to bow-ride and glassy water conditions made for the best possible sub-surface views of them all! During our visit with these toothed whales there was a report of TWO HUMPBACK WHALES, 7 miles away from our location. We charged up north and sure enough, we found two ENORMOUS Humpback Whales traveling south. As we were drifting and waiting for a cycle of breathes, our depth finder indicated that the whales swam roughly 120 feet right below our boat (photo to come!). How incredible! You definitely missed out if you weren’t on board this morning but you still have a chance to book a spot for this weekend. We are very light on reservations..bring your friends, your neighbors, your family! See you our there, whale watchers. -Dani