It is finally starting to feel like the Gray Whale highway is in full use!! We were lucky enough to experience non-stop Gray Whale activity throughout the entire day. On our morning trip, we exited the jetties to find a few handfuls of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins that alternated between feeding behavior and interacting with The Privateer! A small feeding frenzy eventually took place between the dolphins, Sea Lions and birds! A few calves were spotted swimming beside their mothers. We eventually traveled down south and encountered a pair of southbound Gray Whales! They traveled slowly along the coast and they both fluked, prior to each deep dive. In addition to this pair, we found two additional southbound Gray Whales on our journey back up north. The first was a juvenile that crossed our stern within close proximity to the boat! The final Gray Whale of the morning was larger and we were also able to get some incredible up-close looks at this individual too.

The Gray Whale excitement continued into the afternoon when we spotted a southbound pair that had been interacting with Pacific White-Sided Dolphins! We searched far and wide throughout the beginning of our trip for all signs of wildlife and it seemed to appear all at once in one lucky spot! We were able to get some awesome looks at the pair of Gray Whales (they showed their flukes on our final observation of them!!!) before a thick fog back engulfed the boat. We’re so happy to see the Gray Whales back in town! We know many of you are taking time off from work and/or school for the holidays. What better way to spend some of that time?! Wouldn’t YOU like to enjoy the Gray Whale migration with us this year? We hope so! See you on the water, whale watchers.