The Pacific didn’t disappoint us today and we’re ending the year on an incredible note! We experienced NON-STOP cetacean action on both of our trips. In the morning, we started off with an exciting feeding frenzy full of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, Common Dolphins, Sea Lions and sea birds!! Dolphins worked diligently together to corral fish, while birds dove down to pick off food from the near surface and Sea Lions followed along in search of an easy snack! We were blown away by the water clarity and our ability to watch the frenzy SUB-SURFACE and right beside our boat. Once the frenzy begun to break apart, a southbound Gray Whale made an unexpected appearance ahead of us. We witness its tail-flukes raise out of the water with nearly every deep dive and were able to get some breathtakingly close looks at it as it slowly moved down the coast. We eventually allowed the Gray Whale to carry on with its migration and spotted multiple pods of Common Dolphins and Pacific White-Sided Dolphins throughout the rest of the trip.

On our afternoon excursion, THREE southbound Gray Whales were encountered! We first spotted a pair of juveniles traveling closely together. They eventually parted ways and we were only able to get a good, close look at one individual. Even so, we caught a glimpse at the flukes of both and TWO BREACHES from one!!!! Our first breaching Gray Whale of the season. As soon as we turned away from the pair, a third Gray Whale spouted right in front of the boat. It was another, larger, juvenile that was absolutely covered in barnacles and lice. We spent a few minutes observing this Gray Whale until leaving it behind to find a surface active pod of ~550 Common Dolphins! They were FULL of energy and raced to the boat in double-digits to bow-ride. We truly had a PHENOMENAL day on the water. After taking a look at the marine forecast for the week, we encourage you all to really consider booking a seat within the next few days. We expect BEAUTIFUL conditions all week. Perfect for whale spotting and watching! Have a safe and fun New Years Eve, everybody. We’ll see you on The Privateer next year!!!!