It is Gray Whale city here in San Diego! We were lucky enough to enjoy numerous sightings of SOUTHBOUND Gray Whales throughout our two trips on the water today. In the morning, we first encountered a pair of sluggish grays as they neared the border of Mexico. We were able to get a few great looks at them before our distance from Mission Bay forced us to start moving back up the coast. On our way home, we spotted a third Gray Whale as it came up for a few breathes then archedĀ its back and lifted its flukes for a sounding dive!

Our afternoon was filled with even more Gray Whale activity! We found FIVE southbound whales in total. First, we spotted a quad that eventually split off into two separate pairs. We spent most of our time visiting one pair that traveled slowly and spent a long cycle of breathes at the surface. While we were watching this pair, we noticed a third Gray Whale in the distance that was also moving to the south. A few small groups of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins and Common Dolphins sporadically appeared throughout the afternoon and actively bow-rode on numerous occasions. Who will be joining us tomorrow and starting the weekend off in one of the best ways?! See you on the water, whale watchers!