Our Friday was far from a fluke because we saw PLENTY of flukes! FOUR southbound Gray Whales were encountered today, all of which showed off their gorgeous flukes! We started off our morning trip with an exciting feeding frenzy full of sea birds, California Sea Lions and Pacific White-Sided Dolphins! The frenzy did not last long and we quickly spotted the first Gray Whale of the day as soon as it began to break up. We nearly lost sight of this Gray Whale in the suns glare until it surprised us by surfacing right in front of The Privateer! We encountered Gray Whales #2 and #3, a pair traveling closely together, shortly after parting from the first. We only spent a few minutes with this pair but it was time VERY well spent. These two Gray Whales interacted with a handful of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins and eventually surfaced right beside us, giving us some incredible looks! We were also lucky enough to see a dozen Common Dolphins this morning. We were fortunate enough to see both toothed and baleen whales this afternoon before a thick fog rolled in and impaired our visibility. We spotted one southbound Gray Whale that was far from boat-shy! Although we kept our distance, this particular whale continuously surfaced right next to our boat and spent prolonged periods of time at the surface. In addition to this amazing Gray Whale, we found a small handful of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins that snuck out from the fog and played with the boat! We’re kicking off the weekend with a great start and hope to see plenty of whale watchers on board The Privateer this weekend. Make sure to book a seat soon and get ready for some action! Trash/recyclables retrieved: One bundle of 6-7 mylar balloons.