Privateer passengers were seeing gray today! We set out for the day and were faced with fog all around us, light in the morning and thick in the afternoon. In addition to the gray weather conditions, variations of gray were seen in our marine mammals too! During the morning trip, we sighted several scattered pods of toothed whales and baleen whales! Our first encounter was a mixed pod of Common dolphin and Pacific white-sided dolphin! These acrobatic dolphin led us to a TRIO of Gray whales! They were headed South but slowed down and courting behaviors were witnessed! We saw them rolling around each other while bringing their flukes up into the air! We were even lucky enough to see a SPYHOP! Pacific white-sided dolphins were also seen escorting them like they tend to do when courting/mating is happening. Numerous scattered pods of Common dolphin and Pacific white-sided dolphins were seen all around. A fourth Gray whale was also seen 3-miles from shore headed South!

During the afternoon cruise, we set out and were greeted with a huge fog bank. At times our visibility was only 50-yards! Despite the thick fog and lack of visibility, we still managed to find several scattered pods of both Common dolphin and Pacific white-sided dolphin! We had many amazing encounters as they came over to bow-ride and surf in our wake. There was plenty of bait in the water and a few feeding frenzies were seen. During these feeding frenzies, both species of dolphin, California sea lions, and sea birds were aggregating in one spot as they hunted the small schooling fish.

Overall the day was pretty great. We hope you come out and join us soon as the Gray whale season reaches its peak for southbound migrators.

Trash/recyclables retrieved: One bundle of 5-6 mylar balloons.

See you on the water!