The day was full of marine mammal activity! We encountered some dense fog as we head out to the Pacific, but thankfully that broke up quickly. Both trips had great views of baleen and toothed whales today. During the morning trip, we had scattered pods of Common dolphin and Pacific white-sided dolphin! They were pretty fun to watch as some came over to the boat to hitch a ride at the bow. We got to see some itty bitty calves tagging along with their mothers. Some even porpoised out of the water! We continued on, a sighted a spout in close range, which turned out to be a Gray whale! Due to its large girth and size, we concluded this individual was a pregnant female, making its way down South to the Baja lagoons to give birth to her baby. Another pair of Gray whales were seen shortly after. We watched them travel further West to about ~3-miles from shore. During the afternoon cruise, we had similar sightings. In shallow water, we sighted many scattered pods of Common dolphin and Pacific white-sided dolphin. There was bait in the water, so we got to see dolphins hunting for small schooling fish. At one point in our trip, a big bait ball came to the surface! Our total count for the trip for Common dolphins was ~75 individuals; for Pacific white-sided dolphins it was ~60 individuals. Our trash/recyclables count for the day was 2 mylar balloons; one in the morning, one in the afternoon. Hope to see you soon for an adventure on the water! Gray whale season is in full swing! -Vanessa