We had a pretty lucky day on the water today! We found SEVEN Gray whales during our 3-hour whale watch tour. The sea conditions were perfect which gave us an edge in being able to see spouts from far distances. Our sightings today, led us to the South giving guests great views of Point Loma and down into Mexico. Our first single Gray whale popped up right off of Ocean Beach only a mile from shore. A couple Common dolphin were seen hunting for fish in shallow water. We sighted another pair of Gray whales traveling just outside of the Kelp forests. A small pod of ~10 Pacific white-sided dolphin were seen porpoising several times near these whales. A very energetic group! We found another pair as they exhibited spouts off of the tip of Point Loma. Another two Pacific white-sided dolphins popped up next to the boat as we waited for the whales to surface again. We continued back up the coast to the North, swinging wide out to deeper water. We encountered our last pair of southbound migrating Gray whales. We saw plenty of spouts, backs and flukes by all individuals. Overall, an action-packed trip full of wildlife. Trash/Recyclables: One Mylar balloon successfully retrieved. Hope you join us tomorrow! We can’t wait to get back on the water! Gray whales are HERE! -Vanessa