It was another great day full of activity! During our single trip we encountered a total of seven Southbound migrating Gray whales and ~75 Common dolphins! There was a bit of dense fog to start the trip but luckily we sighted several spouts in a clearing. One spout quickly multiplied and before we knew it, there was a group of five Gray whales to our right and another pair to our left. Guests had great looks at the big group as they surfaced several times for breaths. We observed the backs of these whales as they rolled below the ocean surface. Not all whales showed their flukes but with the ones that did, they fluked consistently. The Gray whales began to spread out as they traveled closer toward the coast. We took that as our cue, and pointed our nose out to deeper water to the West. While almost seven miles from shore, we sighted a spout a couple of times. We never saw the whale surface so we have dubbed it a “mystery” whale. As we were headed back to the dock, an awesome pod of Common dolphins appeared as they were headed to the NW. Several of the dolphins surfed in our wake and rode the bow of the Privateer. We will be back out tomorrow with another single trip. Hope to see you there! -Vanessa