We had some shockingly close encounters of the gray variety today! Six southbound Gray Whales were spotted this morning, including one single, one pair and one trio. Of the great encounters we experienced with each individual/group, the most exciting observations were of the pair. They looked to be only a few years old and seemed particularly investigative, charging toward our boat head-on! After drifting along with the pair for a few moments, we decided to leave them behind. Our passengers and crew were blown away when they surfaced right next to the boat, after we had already begun to flee the area. In order to end up in such a position, they would have had to alter course significantly AND speed up in order to catch up with us. They were quite smitten by The Privateer and chased us down!
In addition to the Gray Whale action, we spotted ~15 Pacific White-Sided Dolphins within two small groups. The dolphins were relatively boat-friendly and eager to bow-ride as we moved forward. What an amazing day for everyone on board! It’s difficult to top any of the days we’ve had recently..they have all been so memorable. Hopefully tomorrow is just as good! See you on the water, whale watchers!