Despite some unfavorable wind conditions, we were able to enjoy some great sightings on both of our trips today. We encountered multiple instances of inter-species mingling between Pacific White-Sided Dolphins and Common Dolphins throughout the day. In the morning, we spotted ~10 Pacific White-Sided Dolphins and ~140 Common Dolphins. Additionally, we briefly encountered a cow-calf pair of Inshore Bottlenose Dolphins off the coast of Point Loma. We noted numerous spouts from a distance on our first trip and were able to get a decent look at one southbound Gray Whale!
We encountered some more inter-species interactions between Pacific White-Sided Dolphins and Common Dolphins this afternoon during a brief feeding frenzy. The frenzy also included sea birds and California Sea Lions. Pacific White-Sided Dolphins continued to make appearances alongside The Privateer throughout the rest of our trip. We got a few close looks at one Gray Whale in addition to the distant observations of numerous individuals that passed by us on our way home. We expect the wind to calm significantly for our trips tomorrow so we hope to see you all on board!