It was another action-packed day on The Pacific, filled with gorgeous conditions! On the morning trip, we encountered two pairs and one trio of southbound Gray Whales. Each sighting was very different and exciting. Every individual we spotted this morning consistently raised their flukes in preparation for deep, sounding dives. We were even lucky enough to see one BREACH!! In addition to getting some incredible looks at baleen whales, we also found two different species of toothed whale this morning. Roughly 15 Pacific White-Sided Dolphins and 150 Common Dolphins were seen throughout the trip. The Pacific White-Sided Dolphins were seen most frequently associating with body-rolling Gray Whales. We were very fortunate enough to observe so much surface activity from the grays this morning.
In the afternoon, we encountered five southbound Gray Whales and multiple pods of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins! We enjoyed some great looks at each individual Gray Whale and got lucky again in the breach department! One of the whales we were observing breached TWICE, right next to the boat. It was very exciting for everyone on board. With such great sightings close to shore, we decided to try our luck out west and found an exuberant pod of ~20 Pacific White-Sided Dolphins! They eagerly interacted with us and porpoised all around the boat. In addition to some amazing cetacean sightings, the California Sea Lions were out and about all throughout the day. What a day! We can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow. See you out there, whale watchers!