It was a Super FIN-tastic day aboard the Privateer! During the morning trip, we had a great day full of baleen and toothed whales. We sighted three Gray whales that were seen up close, and two spouts in the distance. One of the Gray whales that was headed Southbound popped up right next to us! The mighty exhalation as it surfaced for a breath, was heard by everyone on the boat. We sighted a handful of Pacific white-sided dolphins that were in hunting mode. We ventured out to deeper water to see what else we could find and found a Northbound Gray whale. While returning back to the coast, we found a nice pod of ~20 Pacific white-sided dolphins that were traveling to the NW. Several were seen bow-riding and swimming beside us. It was the perfect ending to our morning trip. During the afternoon cruise, we set our course for the South but the ocean was very quiet. We had one very quick Harbor seal sighting as it was resting at the surface. We decided to head out to the West to deeper water. A couple miles West of the drop-off, we found a cow/calf pair of FIN WHALES! The fin whale is the second largest whale in the world and we got to see them surface for air, their backs, and their falcate dorsal fins. The fin whale calf was surfacing with very small spouts. The fin whale mother surfaced for a breath allowing us to see the very tall and columnar spout! We watched them as they traveled side-by-side to the NW. Flashes of a blue glow indicated that they were rolling to the their sides as they traveled. These were the first fin whales of 2018! Trash/Recyclables: One Mylar balloon and one plastic bag successfully retrieved. We never know what we will find on our trips! We hope you all come out soon to try your luck! -Vanessa