It was a gray kinda day out on the Pacific. Not only did we have a rainy day on the water, we also had some nice Gray whale encounters. During the morning trip, we set our course for the South. While down at the very tip of Point Loma, we found a single Northbound Gray whale. We saw it surface for breaths several times. This large, mature Gray whale even showed its flukes a few times! Passengers got to witness this slow moving Gray whale travel to the North leaving a trail of fluke prints behind. We continued our travels back up to the North and upon re-entry to the Mission Bay channel, we found a trio of Inshore Bottlenose dolphins! They raced toward our boat and hitched a ride! They popped up back behind us once again — a nice surprise before heading back to the dock. During the afternoon cruise, shortly after exiting the Mission Bay jetties, we found a small pod of ~6-10 Pacific white-sided dolphin that were seen traveling along side the Privateer. We got to easily see their beautiful coloration. A cow/calf pair was seen with a juvenile California sea lion following close behind. Our first baleen whale for the day was a Southbound Gray whale! We watched it surface for a couple of breaths before giving us the slip. It was okay, because a nice pod of ~150 Common dolphin were seen traveling fast to the South. We were escorted to our next sighting: a Northbound Gray whale. This Gray whale surfaced for 3-5 breaths and had dive times of 5-7min. We ventured to the South and found another pair of Northbound Gray whales. These whales showed their flukes on almost every breath. Despite the rainy day, it was filled with pleasant sea conditions. They will be just as nice tomorrow, so book now! -Vanessa