We had a great day on The Privateer! Our first cetacean sighting of the day was a brief encounter with one Inshore Bottlenose Dolphin at the very start of our morning trip as we exited the jetties. Shortly after, we spotted a trio of Common Dolphins that swam right under us at the bow to surf! We searched for quite some time on the lookout for other signs of wildlife..luckily, a tiny Gray Whale BREACHED EIGHT TIMES right in front of us!!! Everyone on board was able to witness the young calf/juvenile launching out of the water in fairly close range. Following the exciting surface behavior, the whale eventually mellowed and continued north. Unfortunately, the whale looked incredibly young/sick and we believe it had been separated from the mother (she was not present). Cross your fingers with us for a safe trip up to Alaska for this little Gray Whale!

In the afternoon, we first spotted an elusive juvenile Gray Whale that kept a very low-profile as it traveled north. While we observed the whale, a quad of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins charged toward us and we were able to watch them as we waited for the whale to surface. It behaved very inconsistently and zig-zagged frequently so we left it behind to hang out with a handful of boat-friendly Pacific White-Sided Dolphins! On our way back up the coast, we were surprised by a northbound Gray Whale cow-calf pair. We got some amazing looks at the giant mother escorting her young baby along the shoreline.

Hurry, hurry! Gray Whale season is wrapping up here in San Diego..we really encourage you all to take advantage of seeing these gentle giants while they’re still passing through! See you on the water, whale watchers!

Trash/recyclables collected: 1 mylar balloon