We’re back! After a few days off the water, it was really nice to get back to ocean! We were rockin’ and rollin’ on The Pacific as we searched for wildlife this morning. We spotted numerous California Sea Lions throughout the entire trip in addition to a very elusive pair of northbound Gray Whales. We were only able to get a brief glimpse at the whales before they completely gave us the slip! It took quite a lot of work and effort to find some more wildlife today but luckily, our diligence led us to an incredible feeding frenzy of birds, Sea Lions and Common Dolphins! The dolphins surprised us by breaking off from the frenzy to bow-ride and surf beside us. Now that spring is officially here, we’re beginning to see more and more young dolphin calves! NOW is the time to see the babies here off the coast of San Diego! Common Dolphins reproduce and mate throughout the entire year but we tend to see more calves in the spring and summer time. It looks like the sea conditions will be much calmer for our trips tomorrow. We hope to see you out there, whale watchers!