The guests on the Ohana had a whale of a time on our tour today! We ventured out to the NW and while in ~250 feet of water, we sighted a huge, columnar spout! This huge spout belonged to an ~85-ft BLUE whale! We were so lucky to see the largest animal to have ever live on earth! We observed it milling and feeding in one general location. It was seen at the surface several times, allowing guests to see the massive rostrum (head), body and tail stock. Relatively short dive times of 5-8min were observed. We got some great profile views as it popped up pretty close to us in range. We left that special encounter and continued out to deeper water. On our turn back toward the coast, a small pod of ~75 Common dolpins were seen! They were very active as they porpoised, leaped, and breached out of the water beside us. Many cow/calf pairs were seen in the mix. Our ride home was nice, smooth, and sea-breezy! Hope to see you on the water soon! It’s still a little early but Blue whale season is starting off nicely here in San Diego! -Vanessa