We’re still seeing BLUE!!! The Blue Whales (yes, plural!) are sticking around and we are LOVING it. Passengers on both of our trips were lucky enough to encounter multiple individuals milling around the same general area. TWO Blue Whales were encountered this morning. Initially, we struggled to get a good visual on what we believed was a single whale until we realized that two were circling the same zone at close range! We were so excited to find more than one Blue Whale off the coast of San Diego as we are awaiting the highly anticipated time during which we will see them feeding here consistently!

Not one, two but THREE Blue Whales were spotted this afternoon. Once again, we encountered two individuals that hung out within a close range to one another. While we were waiting for one of them to surface, a THIRD Blue Whale spouted off in the distance! We were able to get some amazing looks at the blues today on both of our trips and luckily for us, they were still lingering around the same area on our way home this afternoon. If we’re lucky, they’ll stick around for our trip tomorrow morning. If YOU would like to see the largest animal on planet Earth, you’ll have to join us soon and take advantage of our recent good luck. See you on the water, whale watchers!