It hard not to enjoy a day on the water with THREE different species of baleen whale! Our morning trip was filled with action from start to finish. Upon our exit from the channel, we spotted two scattered handfuls of Common Dolphins that were feeding on bait fish at the surface. We watched as they swiftly schooled fish together and swept through balls of bait, belly-up! Along with the dolphins, a northbound Gray Whale passed by! We were only able to get one good look at it crossing our bow before it gave us the slip. Shortly after clearing the line of dolphins and leaving Gray Whale territory, we spotted the giant spouts of one BLUE WHALE and one FIN WHALE! They were circling the area, likely feeding on SURFACE KRILL (yes, we saw numerous patches of krill!). We spent some time with each whale, observing them as they milled about at the surface. We are incredibly excited to see krill again. It has been up to two years since we have seen large patches of surface krill. Blue Whales are known to feed exclusively on krill, as do many other species of baleen whale. This is a FANTASTIC sign for the summer season! Unfortunately, we will be offline tomorrow but go ahead and grab a spot for our Thursday trip! See you on the water, whale watchers!