Humpback Double-Header!

The morning trip had a very nice visit with a nursery pod of about 600 common dolphins with babies abounding. They also had a close encounter when a curious humpback popped up for a breath within 50 yards of the vessel. They also saw three northbound gray whales in the distance.

The dolphins were gone by the afternoon, but we still had a great trip with four more northbound gray whales including a pair that displayed their tail flukes consistently for us to photograph with beautiful Torrey Pines in the background. We also found an elusive humpback whale in the afternoon, and while we didn’t get a good enough look to confirm whether it was the same humpback as we saw this morning, we have had several different humpback sightings in the last few weeks. While there’s no guarantees, now’s a perfect time to join us if you’d like to try your luck finding a humpback! Weather is forecasted to be GORGEOUS tomorrow!



humpback fluke 3.3 gray fluke 3.3 gray blow 3.3 humpback 3.3 common 3.3 common pod 3.3 COMMONS BABY 3.3