Between our two boats (Eclipse and Privateer) we had something for everyone today! In the morning we saw 20-30 Pacific white-sided dolphins, an unforgettable MEGAPOD (1,000 or more) of common dolphins, and a feeding humpback whale!

In the afternoon we found 20 more Pacific white-sided dolphins, about 100 common dolphins, and a whopping 14 northbound gray whales! Remember the other day when I said that even after all this time on the water, I still get surprised with “firsts”? It happened again today when we had both Pacific white-sided dolphins and common dolphins bow-riding together. It’s rare enough to see these two species feeding in the same area, but we’ve never seen that playful interaction before! Stay tuned for video taken by our crew member, Dave!



gray courtship 3.22 gray fluke 3.22 PWS 2 3.22 humpback fluke 3.22 PWS 3.22 common boat 3.22 common 3.22