Another day of dolphins! While we did locate three northbound gray whales on our morning trip, it was the dolphins that took center stage. In the morning we saw three species with 3 inshore bottlenose dolphins, 2 Pacific white-sided dolphins, and a fun pod of about 200 common dolphins.

In the afternoon it was another 20-30 common dolphins and a really fantastic sighting – 40 offshore bottlenose dolphins! You may not know this, but out of all the incredible species we see on our San Diego Whale Watch trips, offshore bottlenose dolphins are – if I may make a bold statement – my favorite! They never disappoint and we only see them a few times a year which makes them special.

In addition to what we saw on our trips, I have to share the biggest news of the day, which didn’t happen on our boat but rather on a private charter our sister ship, the Eclipse, was on this afternoon. Shortly after the conclusion of our second trip today, we got a call that just 3 miles off of Mission Bay there was a very special sighting – THE FIRST BLUE WHALE OF THE YEAR! Will blue whale season come early this year? Who knows, but we’ll be keeping our eyes open!



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