This is such a perfect time to come whale-watching. Spring break crowds are gone, summer crowds have yet to arrive, and the sightings have been remarkable!

This morning we saw a few Pacific white-sided dolphins, about 100-200 common dolphins, and four very cooperative fin whales!

In the afternoon, despite high winds, we went back out in search of our fin whale friends and found them in the same exact location! What luck! They had NO qualms about making close appearances for Privateer passengers, with one juvenile circling us repeatedly, and another few adults surfacing right beside us!

These fin whales feed on small fish and krill, and we saw quite a lot of krill on our depth-finder today. Will they still be around tomorrow? Come find out!



fin 4 5.3 fin 3 5.3 fin 2 5.3 common 5.3 fin 5.3