The Privateer crew celebrated Cinco de Mayo as only we can – with CINCO species of baleen whale! That’s right, for the first time in San Diego Whale Watch history, we sighted FIVE species of baleen whale in a single 3-hour trip.

This morning started out with two gray whales (a cow/calf pair) near the shore. They seemed to want privacy so we headed out to where we’d been having a lot of luck lately and on the way we found a tail-slapping humpback whale! We were delighted by that for a while, then decided to head out even farther to where we’ve been seeing fin whales. It paid off because in the distance we saw two fin whale spouts and their dark gray backs and dorsal fins. But wait – what was that? In addition to the two fin whale spouts, a third, HUGE spout appeared off in the other direction. Big enough to pique our interest as something OTHER than a fin whale. Sure enough, as we approached, the unmistakable turquoise silhouette below the surface became evident – we had our first blue whale of the season! We were able to watch the blue whale for about 20 minutes before it was time to head home, but the ocean had one last surprise for us before we left. As we were leaving the scene, our fifth baleen species, the smaller minke whale, popped up just 40 feet away from our boat! What an experience!

In the afternoon, things weren’t too shabby either. We found 6 more gray whales (3 cow/calf pairs), and at least THREE more blue whales! Yes, that’s right, we found several more of these oceanic giants this afternoon, including one that displayed its tail flukes on each deep dive.

In addition to this baleen-fest, BOTH trips also got the unforgettable experience of being amidst a common dolphin megapod, with 2,000 or so in the morning and another 1,000 in the afternoon.

This historic day gained a lot of media buzz. Look for local San Diego stations ABC 10, Fox 5, and CBS 8 to cover the story shortly! We’ll post more details when we have them.

Now, today is going to be a tough day to beat, but we’re always game to try! Come out on the boat tomorrow at 10:00 to see what awaits us!



blue whale fluke 5.5 gray 5.5 common 5.5 common boat 5.5 common belly 5.5 commons boat 5.5 blue whale 2 5.5 blue whale 5.5 humpback 5.5 humpback tail slap 5.5