WHOA BABY! Baby fin whale that is! Both of our trips today struck gold when we caught up with a mother fin whale and her calf! These two would NOT leave us alone (and we weren’t complaining!). While gray whale moms and calves are expected during the migration season, we very rarely see calves from these larger baleen species, so this was really a special treat.

In addition to the cow/calf fin whales, the morning trip also scored a third fin whale, a couple of offshore bottlenose dolphins, a humpback whale, and even got a quick look at a minke whale.

Passengers on the afternoon trip saw a few ocean sunfish feeding on Valella and ended their trip with about a dozen inshore bottlenose dolphins inside of Mission Bay that led us back to the dock!

Finally, in honor of 2-for-1 Tuesday, we were able to find TWO different loggerhead turtles, one on each trip! We’re having a record year for sea turtle sightings!

Midweek trips typically have lighter crowds, so if you’re looking for some great whale-watching with plenty of space, tomorrow would be a good bet!

See you tomorrow!



loggerhead sea turtle 2 5.19 fin boat 2 5.19 humpback fluke 5.19 fin baby 5.19 fin 5.19 fin boat 5.19 loggerhead sea turtle 5.19