Dreary weather doesn’t have to make for a dreary day! Our passengers today were all in good spirits despite the dark and cloudy skies. This morning we had decent luck, finding three fin whales, one blue whale, and 150 common dolphins. One fin whale featured a prominent notch in the dorsal fin, making it easy to recognize. Upon reviewing the photos, we confirmed that this was the same fin whale we spotted on Saturday and spotted twice in June 2014 as well.

The afternoon was a bit more tricky with elusive whale spouts in the distance, but little luck locating the whales as we came into the area. We did have a pleasant surprise though – a dozen Pacific white-sided dolphins! I’d thought they’d left for the summer, since this seasonal species prefers cooler water. In fact, looking at our records, it had been a full month since our last sighting. Guess a few of them are still off the San Diego coast after all!

We’ll be back out tomorrow, rain or shine. This gloomy weather is nothing a good cup of hot chocolate can’t fix!



common 5.26  PWS 5.25 fin 5.26 commons 5.26